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Begin with Beauty; End with Elegance



Every movie and TV show employs hair and makeup artists, even if the audience doesn’t realize it. We also work on hair and makeup for magazine covers and print ad campaigns. Many think artists like me only make major changes to an actor’s appearance with prosthetics, wigs, and wrinkles. But every production needs a makeup department.

At TK Artistry, we know how to choose the perfect team and products for your needs, such as the right blush, contour, and foundation. But that’s not all. Talia Khalid has put in the time and effort necessary to learn and become a true master of the trade.

Our artists are well-educated in set etiquette and can work quickly and quietly in the background, so your talent can focus on reading scripts and memorizing lines. Furthermore, our experts have excellent people skills and always know about the latest styles and techniques.

Friendly, Dependable & On-Time | Experienced, Licensed & Insured | Proper Set Etiquette| Excellent People Skills | Works Quietly So Talent Can Focus | Updated on Latest Techniques and Styles


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Chic Miami Magazine


Talia Khalid is committed to making your wedding day as stress-free and memorable as possible! She knows that communication and planning are the keys to making you look and feel your best on your special day.

You can trust TK Artistry to provide top-notch on-location services. Your wedding day is a significant milestone, and you should look stunning! With our help, you’ll have a look you want to last in everyone’s memory!

TK Artistry provides custom bridal face charts, a touch-up kit and a bridal face mask to all our beautiful brides. We want to be part of making their dream wedding a reality.

Here are some of the ways we can help make your special day even better:
  • Bridal Makeup for all brides
  • Henna
  • Bridal henna
  • Bridal Soft Glam Makeup (optional)
  • Bridal Ultra Glam Make-Over (optional)
  • Traditional and Airbrushed
  • Bridal Makeup Trial
  • Bridal Hair
  • Bridal Up-do
  • B.Y.O Extensions (add-on)
  • Bridal Hair Trial
  • Engagement Photoshoot Makeup
  • Bridesmaids/Guest Makeup
  • Bridesmaids/Guest Hair Up-do
  • Dupatta and Tika Setting
  • Flower Girl 12 y/o and under Hair
  • Men’s Grooming Makeup

TK Artistry provides the best services to make you look stunning on your wedding day and offers on-trend beauty suggestions to make you stand out from the crowd. We want every element of your dream wedding to come true, down to the smallest detail. You can even accessorize to the max with our gorgeous selection of bridal accessories and styling to complete your ideal bridal look.


At TK Artistry, we strive to give you the best possible experience with professional and passionate makeup artist Talia Khalid. We want your wedding day grooming to be something you’ll cherish and fill you with joy that lasts!

The feeling of being surrounded by your closest friends, all looking glamorous, is unforgettable. When you’re together, you command attention and turn heads wherever you go. This rare opportunity only comes around on special occasions like weddings, bachelor parties, and annual trips.

Don’t miss the chance for you and your crew to stand out from the crowd with Talia Khalid’s TK Artistry.

Get the groom and groomsmen looking tip-top on the big day!
Facial Cleansing & Mask | Facial Hydration | Lip Hydration | Facial Hair Grooming
Blemish/Spot Correction | Remove Shine


Talia offers an airbrush foundation in addition to your conventional makeup application! Get a waterproof, natural finish that lasts more than 12 hours without fading or smudging. The seamless application process provides a perfect look in wedding and professional photos, in person and on video! You can use both conventional and airbrush makeup to achieve HD quality. Airbrush makeup will give you a more natural look, while traditional makeup will look slightly more vibrant.


Talia does the most spectacular job with professional makeup application, and she’ll teach you how to do it too! TK Artistry offers one-on-one makeup lessons where you’ll learn how to put on makeup as the pros do. If you’re interested, please contact us today!

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